Random Thoughts

Goodbye 2015.

This post will be a bit random. Just letting you guys know beforehand.

2015 was a hectic year for me. There were a lot of lovely times, but also some sad ones. That is life. You can’t have only happy moments I guess, eventhough I had a lot of those!

I became much more active this year on twitter and followed a lot of bookish people. While I wasn’t reall talking with all of them I still got to know them bit by bit.
A couple of days ago I also created my blog and met tons of amazing people because of it. I wouldn’t want to change that for anything else.

Times flies by so quickly and before we know it we’re going to say goodbye to 2016.

I’m hoping to meet and befriend more people as I really love doing that. Hopefully updating my blog frequently and still loving it just as much.

I want to participate in NaNoWriMo in 2016. I love creating a different world in my head, where everything is in my hands. I love it… but I never had the courage to write it all out. I would write a bit and then I thought it wasn’t good enough. I have done that most of the time. That’s why I always look up to writers. I aspire to be like that as well and hopefully one day I will.

I want to ace my last half of year 1 of college. I want to show others that I am capable of doing that… I want to show myself.

I want to try new things in 2016. Stepping out of my comfortzone a little bit more than I did in 2015.

2016 will be the year for me. It will be the year for you. Don’t let anyone stop you from what you want to do. I’m sending you gus all my love. If you ever need somebody to talk to, know that you always have a friend in me.


Happy new year!


Dilara ❤


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